At Octo we pride ourselves in providing effective digital marketing services for professionals. 

A google search in 2023 is the equivalent to flipping through a phonebook or looking up a business in the 'yellow pages'. Your LinkedIn has become your new resume and your website your new business cards. Keeping track of all of these digital platforms and ensuring they are up-to-date and working for you by bringing in new clients can be difficult. Luckily that is our speciality - we take care of your online presence so that you don't have to.

We offer the following services:

Social Media Management

Social media can feel never ending... until we take care of it!

We offer full social media management across various online platforms. Our social media management package is tailored depending on our clients needs and can include everything from content creation and content posting to community management and social media marketing.

Content Creation

As a busy professional - you've got work to do that doesn't include taking photos, or creating social media content calendars - that's our job! 

We are able to provide a variety of onsite content creation services to ensure you are representing your business in the best way possible wherever you are on the internet.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

The internet is a big place. Your business does not need to be all over it - but it does need to be all over the parts that matter to your customers!

We tailor digital marketing strategies based on understanding your end customers and how to effectively communicate with them. In deciding where to build your online following we start by understanding what platforms are important to your customers, and what platforms work for your brand

Web Design & Development

Ensuring your business has it's own website is essential to your online visibility in 2023. We design websites that are informed by the needs of our customers, and tailored to ensure effective communications between our clients and their end customers. Our approach to digital marketing places our clients unique websites at the heart of our strategy as these becomes the destination we send customers to from across the internet.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing might seem slightly old school, but don't underestimate it's effectiveness. Creative email campaigns are a great way to generate more sales, updated existing clients, as well as collect valuable insights in relation to marketing efforts. We create, develope and deploy email campaigns for clients that build meaningful relationships with their customers.