Specialist digital marketing experts based in South Africa. 

Launched at the start of 2023, Octo's goal is to develop and deploy effective digital marketing and communication strategies that help brands develop and scale their online following.

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Authentic Storytelling

Stories form the foundation of all human communication. Whether it is passing down generational knowledge painted on the walls of caves, or simply recalling the events of last week to your mates over a beverage of your choosing, stories not only facilitate the sharing of information, but allow us to build emotional connections with other human-beings.

We believe building a brand is fundamentally about telling your authentic story, allowing you to build long-lasting emotional connections with your customers in the process.

Valuable Communication

Our philosophy is that any contact a brand has with a customer should leave that customer with more than they started with. This value-based approach to communication seeks to answer the fundamental question - 'what has your customer gained from the interaction?' The answer could be as complicated as valuable product information, or as simple as a chuckle or smile - either way, the focus on value-based communication ensures customers take something away from the interaction, laying the foundation for meaningful brand-customer relationships. 


Bradley Henderson


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For all digital marketing relates services contact #Octo Founder and Tech Lead, Josh Bull.

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